The 4 major files on which the AQDMD is currently working


Allowing advance requests for MAID after a person has been diagnosed with a neurocognitive degenerative disease if the person has made the decision beforehand and appointed a substitute decision make. The same safeguards will apply to both advance requests and other MAID applications.


Making MAID accessible to mature minors suffering from an incurable physical disease, excluding mental disorders.


Making MAID accessible by March 2027 to people with mental disorders, according to strict clinical eligibility criteria to be developed with healthcare specialists and experts working with community organizations affected by these issues.


Making representations to the Collège des médecins (CMQ) and eventually to the Department of Health so that the mandate assigned to the Commission on end-of-life care (CSFV) will be amended to exclude the assessment of medical procedures, which is already the responsibility of the CMQ and the Councils of physicians, dentists and pharmacists (CPDP) in Integrated University Health and Social Services Centres (CIUSSS), as well as Integrated Health and Social Services Centres (CISSS). This part of the CSFV mandate limits access to MAID, as it creates concerns and a fear of punishment among physicians who might assess patients and administer MAID.