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The financial contributions of our donors and members are essential for sustaining our work and staying true to our mission.

By making a donation to the Association québécoise pour le droit de mourir dans la dignité (AQDMD), you are helping us to stay true to our mission: working to ensure that legislation allows all Canadian citizens to choose and receive end-of-life care, including medical assistance in dying, in accordance with their own concept of dignity.

Your donation will help us to continue our range of work: 

    • Raising awareness and providing information for the general public about medical assistance in dying (MAID) and legislation surrounding it, through personalized actions (phone calls and emails) and generalist conferences/meetings.
    • Promoting public engagement and activism, as well as speaking publicly, to advance the rights of Quebecers in terms of their end-of-life choices.
    • Working in a non-partisan capacity with members of parliament and the federal and provincial governments on bills related to MAID, which may lead to an amendment of the Criminal Code or existing legislation.
    • Drafting and submitting briefs about a range of issues related to MAID, before federal and provincial special committees.
    • Maintaining an active presence and providing concrete support during trials, to improve current legislation.
    • Creating relationships and establishing roundtable discussions with provincial, federal, and international organizations and associations interested in end-of-life conditions.
    • Continually encouraging citizens to submit advance medical directives stating their of end-of-life choices.
    • When necessary, referring people to various organizations that provide support and guidance to persons seeking MAID, to their families and to their informal caregivers.