Our vision

All Quebecers with the capacity to consent can decide how to carry out their end of life. In keeping with legal criteria, they must therefore be allowed to opt for a solution that aligns with their values.

Our mission

The AQDMD works to ensure that each citizen can, legally, choose and receive end-of-life care that includes medical assistance in dying, in accordance with their own concept of dignity.

Our values

Commitment, empathy, expertise, and autonomy.

AQDMD Members

Becoming a member means wanting to stay informed about the right to die with dignity, defending its legitimacy and advocating for its legality. 

Becoming a member means showing your support in furthering the issues that we defend and the debates surrounding them. 

Becoming a member means committing to civic action that will make your voice heard. 

Becoming a member means endorsing the AQDMD philosophy and paying your membership fee to access member benefits.