First of all, you’ll need to express your request to a health care professional and fill in a MAID request form.

You will need to complete and sign your MAID request form with the health care professional of your choice. The only condition is that they must be employed by the Ministry of Health and hold a license to practice number. This could include your family physician, a nurse, a pharmacist, a social worker, a psychologist or a physiotherapist, to name but a few. The health care professional you choose to complete your application does not need to know your medical history. Their simply needs to be able to identify you using your health insurance card. Their role is not to evaluate the claim, but simply to complete the form with you and forward it to the CIUSSS or CISSS in your region.

It is not necessary to write the name of the physician or specialized nurse practitioner (SNP) who will perform the MAID on the form, unless the physician or SNP who signs your request also agrees to perform the treatment.

Once the form has been received, the CIUSSS or CISSS will forward the request to a physician or a SNP assessor who will meet with you to assess whether you meet the medical and legal criteria. This process should normally take no more than 1 to 2 weeks following your application.

Thereafter, if the first physician or SNP assessor deems that you meet the criteria, a second physician or SNP will assess you, either in person or on file by contacting you by telephone.

Once your eligibility has been confirmed by both assessors, the first physician or SNP who carried out your formal assessment will become your MAID provider, and it is with this person that you will determine the date on which you wish to receive the care, as well as all the elements involved.