There is no mandatory waiting period between requesting and receiving MAID.

If your case falls in category 1 under federal law, the “reasonably foreseeable natural death,” you may receive MAID from the day your request was made, as long as a second physician has also provided their opinion. There is no maximum waiting time.

If the physician performing the assessment deems your case to be within the scope of a “natural death that is not reasonably foreseeable,” a 90-day waiting period will apply between the time of the first assessment by a physician (whether it was made based on your records, online, or in person) and the time MAID will be administered. There is no maximum waiting time, but everything is dependent on whether the patient is able to reiterate their request for MAID and to understand it.

To summarize, if your case involves a natural death that is not reasonably foreseeable, you will be allowed to receive MAID starting from the 91st day, but will not be required to do so. You can get it six months later, if you want to; but, of course, you will still need to have the capacity to consent.