Yes, and this is a very generous gesture. The patient can donate organs and tissue, but assessment of this request and medical decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and depend on multiple medical factors. Is there cancer? Has cancer metastasized? What is the state of organ function (liver, kidney, heart, etc.)?

This decision and the assessment must also be carried out several days before MAID is administered, so that required tests can be run to verify the donor’s overall physiological state.

It is important to know that to allow for an organ donation, MAID needs to be administered under special conditions, in the hospital, usually in an operating room. All personnel working in this room understand that they must give the patient’s loved ones the space that they need, so that the process can be carried out with tact, allowing loved ones to take their time. However, time spent with the deceased must be well regulated and quick, at the start of the procedure. All members of the medical and surgical team will be able to accompany you with the utmost respect.