Applicants must get their form signed by a health professional that is a member of a professional order (physician, nurse, social worker).

Initially, you do not need to include the name of the physician who will administer MAID, unless the physician who signs your request has also agreed to administer MAID to you.

This person does not need to be your attending physician, though it is highly recommended. By signing your form, the health professional is not in any way committing to continuing with the process; he or she is, however, required to forward your request to the CIUSSS or the CISSS in your region.

Once the form has been received, the organization will forward your request to a person who will meet with you for an assessment, to see if you meet the eligibility criteria. This should normally be done within 1 to 2 weeks, at most, following your request.

If the physician performing the assessment has determined that you meet the eligibility criteria, a second physician will perform an assessment, in person or on file, and contact you by telephone.